Kapton® adhesive tapes from CMC Klebetechnik

In the group of high-performance films, Kapton® (UL E39505) from DuPont is certainly at their top. This high-quality polyimide film, manufactured to tight tolerances, has been produced by DuPont for electrical engineering and electronics for over 40 years. The highest quality, freedom from defects and the best chemical, physical and thermal properties characterize Kapton® films and Kapton® tapes. In addition, Kapton is halogen-free.

We use only high-quality solvent-based industrial adhesives for the adhesive coating of Kapton® tapes (UL E93622). This gives you a polyimide adhesive tape that perfectly complements the positive properties of Kapton® film: easy application due to immediate bonding, dimensionally accurate dispensing, high performance of the adhesives with very good impregnant resistance. When used as masking tape (e.g. reflow soldering), Kapton® adhesive tapes from CMC can be subsequently removed without leaving any residue.

Whether adhesive on one or both sides, whether only 12.5 µm thick polyimide film or up to multiple laminates made of 125 µm thick Kapton film: CMC supplies the right solution.

Kapton adhesive tapes are used in electronics applications, for lithium-ion batteries (e.g. pouch cells for electromobility, OBC, DC/DC converters, BMS), as solder covers in electronics manufacturing, as high-temperature-resistant insulation in electrical devices such as frequency converters, power electronics and electrical heaters, for insulation in the ultra-low temperature range or for applications in aircraft construction.

All our adhesive tapes are manufactured according to strict quality regulations and are subject to continuous control. CMC Klebetechnik is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and a member of ZVEI, DKE and VDE.


  • The use of Kapton® is possible up to short-term 400°C (several tens to hundreds of hours) (e.g. power reserve in case of overload)
  • The polyimide film Kapton® can be used permanently from - 268°C to +240°C (RTI according to UL 746)
  • Kapton® is classified V0 (flame retardant and self-extinguishing) according to UL 94
  • Fluoropolymer coatings on Kapton® (e.g. FN, FCRC) can achieve a cti value of 1
  • Kapton® film is characterized by excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties that remain constant over a wide range.
  • Kapton® has very good electrical dielectric strength even at high temperatures
  • Kapton® significantly increases the service life of a device in continuous operation due to its power reserves (device reliability improved)
  • Kapton® films are all UL-listed (E39505) and thus recognized worldwide
  • Thanks to a wide range of Kapton® variants, there are designs for a wide variety of applications and problems in electronics, electrical engineering and other industrial sectors.
  • Compared to products from most other suppliers, original Kapton® films have a narrow tolerance, hardly any residual shrinkage and extremely few defects. Kapton® films are worthwhile where durability, fault-free production and reliable parameters are important.