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Variants of Kapton®

Kapton UL file number: E39505
Here you will find a link to the UL page with the possibility to directly enter the e-file number: UL Prospector

In the past 50 years since the discovery of the plastic, several variants have been developed. These Kapton® films have properties adapted to specific requirements, for example thermal conductivity or better hydrolysis resistance .

Please also note our Further processing options. Above all, all Kapton® variants can be equipped self-adhesive !  

Quick reference

  • Kapton® HN Standard version

  • Kapton® MT thermally conductive

  • Kapton© 100CRC corona resistant

  • Kapton® 150FCRC019 corona resistant, cti=1

  • Kapton® 120FN616 cti=1, heat-bondable

  • Kapton® B black-opaque

  • Kapton® FN cti=1, heat-bondable

  • Kapton® FMT cti=1, thermally conductive

  • Kapton® HPP-ST low shrinkage

  • Kapton® EN good adhesion, very thin films

  • Kapton® JP thermoformable, hydrolysis resistant

  • Kapton® 200RS100 electrically heated

  • Kapton FPC low shrinkage

  • Temprion™ OHS Heat Spreader

  • Kapton® XP high temperature resistant bonding

  • Kapton® VN low shrinkage

  • Kapton® 200FWR919 cti=1, hydrolysis resistant

  • Kapton® XC antistatic (10e5; 10e7), black

  • DuPont™ Oasis® 200TRT515, Teflon® coated on both sides


Kapton® B

Suitable for optical applications is Kapton® B - a black colored, optically dense Kapton film, electrically insulating

Kapton® BCL-Y

Kapton® BCL-Y is a yellow film for the production of high temperature labels.

Kapton® CRC

Kapton© CRC - has extremely improved resistance to corona discharge (partial discharge).

Used in high voltage machines, e-mobility electric motors, distribution transformers, traction motors. (Thickness: 1 mil and 2 mil)

Kapton® CS

Kapton® CS - a nearly transparent polyimide film for best light transmission (only available on request, min. 800 sqm)

Kapton® EN

Kapton® EN is a variant with very high dimensional stability (cte and shrinkage), extremely good bending resistance and very good temperature resistance. The polyimide film is available as Kapton® 20EN already in 5µm film thickness. This makes extremely thin structures (flexible printed circuits) possible. Also for temperature-resistant cable insulation (wirewrap) or general electrical insulation. (Thickness from 7.5 µm; 0.3 mil)

Kapton® FCRC*

Kapton® FCRC* is a polyimide film coated on one side with DuPont's Teflon® FEP, which makes it very easy to weld (Teflon FEP serves as a high-melting adhesive) with very good corona resistance (several 100x better than enamel-insulated wires) and high temperature resistance up to 240°C. Mainly used as insulation e.g. for copper profile wires in high voltage electric motors and generators.

Kapton® FMT*

Kapton® FMT* is the thermally conductive version of Kapton®-FN. This film can be welded to itself by hot lamination. Use for example for heating elements, insulation of profile wires or for the protection of sensors.

  Thermally conductive Kapton®FMT with high-temperature adhesive

Kapton® FN*

Kapton® FN* is a film for wire insulation (thermoplastic bonding) coated on one or both sides with DuPont`s Teflon® FEP, due to the FEP coating cti = 0 (or 1 depending on the version).

Kapton® 120FN616*

Kapton® 120FN616* is a Kapton variant with a cti value of 1. This avoids the disadvantage of the "poor" cti value of the standard film (4). The film is coated on both sides with a thin fluoropolymer layer. The coating can also be used as a highly heat-resistant heat-seal layer (approx. 300°C) (thermoplastic bonding).

Kapton® 200FWR919

Kapton® 200FWR919 - Significantly improved hydrolysis resistance of Kapton films (standard version Kapton® WR). FWR is coated with DuPont`s Teflon® FEP

Kapton® HN

The standard version of DuPont's polyimide film is Kapton® HN (UL E39505) - (Thermal Conductivity ~0.12 W/mK), made from a polymerisation of Aromatic Dianhydride with Aromatic Diamine. The film is available in 1 mil, 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil and 5 mil thicknesses (equivalent to 25µm, 36µm, 50µm, 75µm and 125µm). The cti value of Kapton® HN is 4 (100-175 V), but can be improved to 1, see e.g. Kapton® FN and Kapton® FMT.

Due to the low thermal conductivity of Kapton HN (0.12 W/m*K), it can also be used as heavy-duty thermal insulation.

Kapton® HPP-ST

Kapton® HPP-ST - has significantly reduced residual shrinkage due to a subsequent heat treatment and has a surface treatment for good bonding.

Kapton® JP

Kapton® JP - thermoformable Kapton film, which can also be used to produce 3D parts from Kapton. Classic application: loudspeaker domes. Particularly resistant to hydrolysis.

Kapton® MT

Kapton® MT is the thermally conductive variant of KaptonKapton® HN. With a thermal conductivity of 0.46 W/mK, the thin, stress-resistant film produces only low thermal resistance (the material thickness is directly included in the calculation) and has been used successfully in electronics since 1988.

 Kapton® MT - thermally conductive insulation

Kapton® Oasis

Kapton® Oasis films are polyimide films with fluoropolymer coating on both sides, specially developed for the aerospace and cable industry. The Teflon layers are used as a sliding surface, thermoplastic adhesive and to improve the cti value. Typical representative: DuPont™ Oasis® 200TRT515 with very good hydrolysis stability. Also used in high temperature fuel cells together with e.g. Nafion™ 117 ion exchange membrane.

Kapton® QR

Kapton® QR - Kapton film with exceptionally high dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Kapton® 200RS100

Kapton® 200RS100 - electrically conductive Kapton film with excellent thermal properties, for the generation of electric heat, extremely uniform heating up to 300°C at 100 Ohm/square sheet resistance. Thickness 50µm / 2 mil.

Kapton® VN

Also included in the group of thermostabilised Kapton® variants are Kapton® VN (like HN without surface treatment) and Kapton® FPC, a variant intended primarily for copper-Kapton® connections in the PCB industry, as well as Kapton® EN, which is available in space-saving thicknesses from 7.5 µm. All four versions have very low residual shrinkage even at high temperatures and a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to copper.

Kapton® WS

Kapton® WS - a white colored high-temperature film (only available on request, min. 300 sqm) was developed for the label industry.

Kapton® XC

Kapton® XC - black, antistatic Kapton® film for use in electronics, aviation and space (satellites)

Kapton® XP

Kapton® XP is a film coated on one or both sides with DuPont`s Teflon® PFA for wire insulation (stranded wires, high current cables, extreme situations such as signal cables in boreholes, aviation). Due to the PFA coating drastically higher adhesive forces at elevated temperatures up to 200°C compared to Kapton® FN films.

Other Kapton® variants

Other variants such as Kapton® 150 PRCR411 (partial-discharge-resistant variant for highly stressed wires that can be fused by means of a hot-wire wrapping process), Kapton® EKJ (Kapton polyimide film with polyimide adhesive coating on both sides), Pyralux® LF Coverlay films (Kapton coated with heat-activated acrylate adhesive) and other special products made of Kapton with additional surface coatings or laminates round off the wide range of possibilities.

Not all versions are stock items and are subject to minimum purchase quantities, usually 5 or 30 kg. Likewise, long delivery times are possible. Please simply ask in the specific case. (5 kg correspond with a 25µm Kapton HN film about 128 m² area).

*) Attention: Kapton films with FEP/PTFE coating on one side (all "F" types) have a very strong curling tendency and are not suitable for die-cut part production! Films with FEP/PTFE coating on both sides have no curling tendency.