Kapton® for E-Mobility
27 October, 2021 by
CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

Kapton® films are known to retain their functions such as insulation, flame barrier, thermal conduction or partial discharge resistance for an extremely long time in harsh industrial and automotive environments.

The high temperature resistance up to 350°C enables an excellent service life at moderate temperatures, the chemical resistance predestines polyimide film for use with aggressive chemicals (operating fluids in the vehicle) and extreme loads (- 80°C to well over 200°C).

Kapton® polyimide films improve the reliability of vehicle systems and avoid, for example, consequential costs or the risk of image damage due to premature failures. Together with thermally conductive coatings from CMC Klebetechnik, there are many different possibilities for thermal management and thus for extending the service life of assemblies such as charging electronics, power converters, power electronics and lithium-ion batteries.

Possible applications of Kapton® films in the vehicle:

  • Electrical insulation in devices such as the On Board Charger (OBC), the Battery Junction Bock (BJB), the Cell Supervising Circuit (CSC), the Battery Management System (BMS) or the various DC/DC inverters for voltages below the high-voltage battery level (e.g. 48VDC, 12 VDC and 5 VDC), boost/boost converters

  • Electrical insulation within the battery (e.g. terminal lugs, housing, CSC opposite busbars).

  • Flame barrier inside the battery housing (traction battery)

  • Thermally conductive insulation for high-performance electronics (on-board charger, frequency converter for the drive motor)

  • Insulation in the charging unit and the power supply line

  • Insulation in the electric motor and motor control unit

  • As part of a BTMS (battery thermal management system), for example Tesla's cooling tube, which thanks to Kapton® insulation and heat-conducting coating has ideal thermal contact with good electrical insulation to the round cells in the battery pack.

  • Other high-voltage components such as air-conditioning compressor, auxiliary heaters, heat pumps

  • for the thermal connection of SuperCaps for a longer service life

CMC Klebetechnik offers a wide variety of different Kapton® polyimide films for different applications.

As a coater, we are able to apply almost any type of coating and then cut and punch the material. In this way, assembly processes can be automated at the customer's with appropriately prepared stamped parts.

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